The end is in sight for my latest story but I have one teeny, tiny problem… the title. Everything I come up with seems dull and lackluster. This new cast of characters is full of attitude and strong wills, so I need a title that is fitting. While I continue to ponder my dilemma let me introduce you to them.

  • Mackenzie – The plus-sized programmer who never thought that she’d fall for her best friend.
  • Grant – The handsome Marine that for the first time doesn’t know how to fix the situation he finds himself in.
  • David – The fiercely loyal firefighter that Mackenzie trusts with her secret, well one of them.
  • Alex – The lawyer with the boy-next door charm that hates change.
  • Kerri – The “bodacious babe” that uses her vivacious personality to hide secrets of her own.


I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know them as much as I have.

What’s in a Name?

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